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Redis Cache for Nextcloud on OpenBSD 6.2

Table of Contents Introduction Install Redis Redis and Nextcloud Configuration Deployment Further Reading Introduction A PHP memory caching utility such as Redis can significantly decrease load times, speeding up PHP requests by storing compiled files for quicker retrieval. Install Redis Both the Redis database and PHP interfacing extension need to be installed. Add to rc.d …

Let’s Encrypt HTTPS Certificate with acme-client on OpenBSD 6.2

Table of Contents Introduction ACME Setup Web Server Configuration Certificate Request Further Reading Introduction Since OpenBSD 5.9, the base system comes with acme-client: an open source implementation in C that requests a free HTTPS/TLS certificate from the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority. It is really simple to setup and even easier to use. And once your …

WordPress on OpenBSD + httpd + MariaDB + PHP

Table of Contents Introduction HTTP Daemon Setup Database Installation PHP Configuration Testing Web Deployment Further Reading Introduction The ubiquitous LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP) Stack that runs on just about every private or SOHO, and even enterprise level, deployment has scores of guides available across the Internet. If you are establishing your …


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